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More than Food - United States

More than Food - United States

Food and drinks from the European Union (EU) are more than just food and drinks. Each burst of flavor has its own character and behind every ingredient, there is a story. These stories tell of tradition and artisanship going back centuries, making food from the European Union truly unique, with authentic recipes handed down from generation to generation.


Merits of EU food

European Quality Labels


Food and drinks product names registered as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) have the strongest links to the place in which they are produced. To be a PDO, all aspects of production, preparation and processing must take place in the specified region of origin.


The Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) label emphasizes that the quality, reputation or another characteristic of a product is largely attributable to the geographical location in which it was produced.

Bio EU label

The EU organic logo can only be used on products that have fulfilled strict conditions on how they must be produced, processed, transported and stored. Products carrying the EU organic logo contain at least 95% of organic ingredients and additionally respect further strict conditions for the remaining 5%.

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